Luca Musumeci


Keyword: Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe 3970 Perpetual Chronograph with Extract of Archive

There is real opportunity with the Patek Philippe 3970, and people aren’t really aware of that. It has long been agreed that the 3970 is perhaps the world’s most undervalued perpetual chronograph. Explanation? No one knows. The balance of this watch is absolutely incredible at 36mm it wears like a charm and the way it looks is just beautiful. Very much a classical Patek Philippe. This particular watch is cased in 18K yellow gold coupled with the original Patek Philippe deployant. We also provide the extract from the archives. Condition is mint - the watch is ready to go. The caliber inside is the venerable CH 27-70 Q, which stems from the famous Lemania 2310, the same inside the 5970. To put this masterpiece into perspective is this refection: The 3970 is the child of the 2499 and the father of the 5970.


Article No: 6746CNZMMXQN
Model: Perpetual Calendars
Year: 2002

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